LDS Approved Music for Youth and Singles' Dances

Here are LDS approved dance playlists various people have made. You can download all of these songs from iTunes. Just click on the playlist or on a song to view it in the iTunes store.

LDS Youth Dance PlaylisticonThis dance song list has lots of clean, recent popular songs that LDS youth like with only a few line dance songs. It was made for two LDS Youth Conference dances.
LDS Stake Dance August 2008 PlaylisticonThis song list has most of the standard LDS dance songs, including line dance songs, with some newer songs as well. It was made for an LDS Youth Stake dance.
Music for LDS DancesiconThis dance list was made for Young Single Adults, but could work for LDS youth as well.
LDS Stake Dance Musicicon
Jen Magazine

lds musicJen Magazine is an online magazine for young LDS women. They have an LDS music section that hightlights clean music.